Enabling independent living

The future of ambient care

ihome247 monitors electricity and water usage and will generate a notification if no utilities are used.

The service provides 24/7 peace of mind regarding the well-being of older or vulnerable people.

Monitoring is discreet and will preserve the dignity of the end user whilst providing feedback on their movements around the clock.

Optional hand-off of alerts to your preferred care support partner

ihome247 is the first well-being monitoring solution that we found that can be personalised for each individuals needs.
David Osborne, Catalyst Choices
With ihome247 we can discreetly monitor our clients and get alerted to potential issues instantly as opposed to the usual twice daily phone call.
Rachel Lyttle, Compassionate Care

ihome247 is a discreet way of keeping an eye on your relative or loved one living independently in their home.

Alerts are established around the tenant’s general living patterns and if

an alert is triggered, ihome247 will automatically notify the operator

of the scheme or a relative that there may be an issue.

How ihome247 works

Appliance and utility usage is monitored and alerts are

automatically raised if unusual usage occurs. 

Appliance Usage

Includes usage data and also non usage alerts for specific appliances, i.e kettle.

Electricity Usage

General electricity usage for heating, lighting and cooking.

Water Usage

Water usage (i.e. how frequently a WC is flushed).

Installation couldn’t be simpler

Our polite and friendly engineers will visit the property to install the sensors and iHome247 software hub into the clients home.  This takes approximately 1 hour to complete.
The software is managed on our cloud and default alerts are pre-configured into the software.  The rules around alerts can be updated quickly and easily using slider bars to alter time periods covered and usage levels.
No programming is required to set up iHome247 and it provides instant peace-of-mind regarding the well-being of the end-user.

Connect. Configure. Care.

Optional monitor plug-ins

Panic Button

Panic buttons provide peace of mind. If pressed an alert would be raised directly with the care team and / or relative.

Motion Sensors

Motion sensors can be discreetly installed around the home. Movements would be recorded in the app for review by the care team and / or relative.

Intelligent Door Keypad

Intelligent door keypads control access to the property via a combination lock. Every access attempt would be recorded in the app for review by the care team and / or relative.

Door Sensors

Door sensors can be installed around key rooms in the house. Door usage information would be recorded in the app for review by the care team and / or relative.

ihome247 puts you in control with powerful features